The Seelye family..also sometimes spelled Seeley or Seely. They are an old east coast family. Colonials who move into Canada, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Clara BeadleMcKendree Seelye

 Clara Elizabeth Beadle and McKendree Seelye. My grandmother’s paternal grandparents. Their son Lloyd Seelye is my great grandfather. McKendree is named after the childless pastor of his parents church. He lives at one point in Wisconsin but makes his way back to Michigan.
McKendree’s Seelye family also contains Cooleys and Sutherlands from New York leading back to many of the first european families to settle in New England.
We are distant cousins to the Amazing Seven Sutherland Sisters…and the Sutherlands of Sutherland Castle in Scotland. Those Sutherlands are not “Scots” necessarily but Flemmings who were put in charge of Sutherland and assigned the castle.
Seven Sutherland Sisters
Clara’s Beadle family is one of the brick wall families on my grandmother’s side of the house. My grandmothers tree is probably the most complete tree I have, but there are still many holes.
The Beadles are related to the Morey family in New York and the Hathaway family from New York and New Jersey. Leading back to still more colonial roots. For this reason, we are genetically tied to thousands of people who have tested at 23 and me.
Lloyd Seelye marries Mae Campbell. Their daughter Elizabeth Seelye is my grandmother. They lived at one point on the east side of Michigan in the vicinity of Flint and Saginaw.
The Story is that Elizabeth meets my grandfather Charles Thompson while he’s being treated for Polio (she was his nurse). I’m going to guess that he was being treated in the Flint area, but I don’t know that for sure.
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