My memories of the Price family are that they were fairly well to do. My mother has said that my great grandfather Edward Price was tall and suffered with back problems.

My Great Grandparents, Edward Travis Price and Cecilia Catharine Murphy

The Price family is suspected to be Welsh following the patronymic name “ap Rhys” which might become Price or Pryce. I don’t yet have any evidence to back that up. The Prices, or at least Richard Palmer Price, appears to be in America in the late 1700’s in Egg Harbor New Jersey. Their roots are probably a mystery that Y DNA could help solve.

I have had contact with many genetic relatives on my mother’s side who are Roma and it’s been suggested that my Price family may be connected to Roma in Wales, but I also have no concrete proof of that as the Price tribe appears to be too young to match up with my own clan of Prices.

Edward Price’s parents are Howard Albert Price and Hattie B. Travis

Hattie B. Travis Born 1869 in Irving, Barry, Michigan.
Howard Albert Price (along with sister Mary Alice) born 1869 in Homer, Cortland, New York

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