My maternal Grandfather is Carl Warren Hutchinson. He died before I was born. He died in September of 1973 and I was born in February of 1974. He was 46 years old (the same age I am as I write this paragraph ironically). Although everyone who recalls him for me remembers a physically fit muscle of a man, heart disease and stroke haunted him and eventually took his life. His father Warren Daniel Hutchinson died about a month later. His mother Caroline Vianna Schultz had died in 1968.

Carl served in the Navy on the Lexington in 1945.

The Hutchinsons are an old east coast family back to the colonial period. They moved to Ontario Canada for a few generations and then on to Tuscola Michigan. I suspect they may have been loyalists during the American Rebellion, but I have no proof of that other than their exit from Connecticut, Vermont, and New York to Canada in roughly the same period. It may be a total coincidence too.

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