The Finks family. My grandfather’s maternal family. Finks is German. I’ve read and been told that it means Finch or Bird. These guys are big in Virginia.

finks family..possibly iowa

Here is the caption I found with the photo: From Far left; Robert Sanford Finks, William J Finks, Lily Finks, Telitha Finks, Susan Short (Telithas daughter from first marriage) ,& Earl Vivian Finks. Bottom from left: I think this is Minnie,(she would have died a few years after this pic though1870-1895), Hannah in Pic, and Ethyle Elnora (Nora).

This photo is a recent find. It’s not the entire clan that I think of as “My” Finks family. This is one branch of it.On the left …not not the a boy named Robert Sanford Finks. He’s my second great grandfather. Father of my great grandmother Orvetta Ina (Betty) Finks. They’re from Virginia and related to the Germanna colony residents, although not part of the Colony itself having come after the second wave.

Robert Finks pulls in the side you don’t see here, my Mitchell family. Robert marries Ida Ellen Mitchell. Her father is Charles August Mitchell (Michel). He’s French and supposedly from Croismare France which is part of Meurthe et Moselle. Charles wife is Margaret E Purnell. She is a major brick wall for me. Margaret says her father is from New York and her mother from France, but not much more is known.

Telitha Hibbard the large woman on the right of the photo represents the Hibbard and Jeffries (Jeffers) families. The Hibbards are an old east coast family, but if the rumors are true, I am not related to the Hibbards because Telitha has an unknown father and is suspected to be half native. The Jeffries family is from Kentucky and Virginia. Genetically that makes them really hard to separate from the Finks family.

The man of the house is William Jackson Finks his mother was Winnifred McQueen. His father was John Finks. They’re from Culpeper VA. There are lots of John Finks in Culpeper. I’ve got my John Finks tentatively placed as the brother of Fielding Finks and son of Andrew Finks and Mary Fielding. That could be totally wrong though and I’m hoping genetic genealogy will help me sort that out.

Orvetta Finks is the daughter of Robert Finks and Ida Mitchell. The Finks family lives in Peoria Illinois for many years while Orvetta is growing up. When she is in her twenties in 1924 the family moves from Peoria to Michigan when Robert trades his property for some new property in the vicinity of Traverse City. Not being equipped to farm sand, Robert moves his family to Cadillac Michigan where Orvetta Finks meets Ray Thompson (a railroad worker from Indiana). My grandfather Charles is born in 1925 in Cadillac.

Orvetta and Ray are not together very long or at least not long enough to have a lot of common records to follow. Ray remains in Indiana while Orvetta stays with the Finks family. They move to the Flint area eventually. My grandfather is sent away to live with the Thompsons when he is two or three years old.

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