My grandmother’s maternal family the Campbells. Probably the more recent group of known immigrants in my grandmother’s family. The “Campbells” to me contain many surnames Campbell, Osborne, McArthur, Light, Clarke, Abbe and Nunn. They are recent Scots as expected, but also unknown Canadians, immigrants from England in the 1800s and old New England colonials, including our relatives from Salem. It’s a mixed bag of people that are documented to the 1600s and people who I just can’t get past 1830.

Mary Campbell Younger Photo

Mae or Mary Ann Campbell is my great grandmother. First Wife of LLoyd Seelye. I know the least about her family and I don’t really have contact with any Campbell only relatives (unlike the three other families). So I have no independent family ties for her family like I do for the Thompson, Finks, and Seelye families.

The Campbells and McArthurs come from Argyllshire Scotland. They seem to intermarry a few times there and are probably closely related families. Our branch comes to Ontario Canada. William Campbell marries Adelia Light in Canada. The Light family is recently from Downton England. Adelia’s father Lazarus Light marries Elizabeth Abbe in Canada. Her Abbe and Nunn family is transplanted to Canada from the North East U.S. Lazarus Light’s mother Mary Clarke is from Cambridgeshire England.
Compared to the Seelye family and my Finks family, the recent immigrants in the Campbell and Light branches of my grandmother’s family seem like real newbies only showing up in the new world some 200 years later in the early 1800s.
Mae Campbell’s daughter Elizabeth Seelye marries Charles Thompson rounding out the four main branches of my paternal family.
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