Burghgraeve Family Progress

It is always exciting when one of our Y DNA families puts the puzzle pieces together. The De Burghgraeve family has been working on their matches and paper trail and has hit some milestones for triangulating Y DNA ancestors and family lines over hundreds of years.

burghgraeve matches in a block to the left of other ZP187, ZP150 and ZP125 matches.

The image above is from the Family Tree DNA Big Y Block tree. You can see the Burghgraeve matches on the left from Flanders (in Belgium) under R-BY150294. As you pan over to the right, you go farther back in time to meet up with the Winne family (Netherlands) at R-ZP187 and the Stanuszek family (Poland) at R-ZP150 and then farther back to their split from the Wright family (England) in R-ZP125.

Here is what that looks like in the FTDNA time tree:

R-ZP125 time tree view showing the distance in time between the branches

The FTDNA estimate for R-BY150294 is 1367 CE. That’s the estimate. The family applies that SNP to an ancestor born around 1490 or so. The next SNP down R-BY67888 has been assigned to an ancestor born in 1562. The Big Y estimate is 1511. Not too shabby. The estimate from matching STRs was 1600. Also not too shabby. We would all be lucky to have good paper trails going back this far.

I think it’s best to reference our previous ZP125 conversations after I posted and attempted to correct some faulty age estimates, to get a good picture of the Burghgraeve family and possible connections to the other families under ZP125. https://wanderingtrees.com/2020/02/09/zp125-conversations/

Each of these family connections should make estimates better. As we get more data inside a documented family, it’s easier to assess matches outside the documentation. In that way, Big Y tests for distantly related men help us decipher our connections to other families and the timeline for ancient DNA samples.

When one of us gets a win, we all gain a little more understanding of our shared history.


  1. Hi,
    I believe I have worked out my maleline ancestral lineage – finally.

    My real surname should be Crocket. My SNP listing is R-U106 > R-Z18 > R-P121 > R-ZP85 > R-ZP121 > R-BY97181 (I jumped over a few SNPs in the listing).

    I have two micro-alleles i.e. DYS458 = 17.2 and DYS710 = 33.2.

    The locations of my maleline lineage 9going back in time), that I have been able to determine (subject to further investigation) follows:

    2000 – USA (me – migrated to US)
    1923 – Sydney, Australia (my father – birth year)
    1893 – Auckland, NZ (grandfather – birth year)
    1862 – Auckland, NZ (great-grandfather birth year)
    1860 – Migrate from Armagh County, Ireland to NZ (gg-grandfather)
    1824 – Armagh County, Ireland (gg-grandfather birth year)
    1680 – 7th g – grandfather migrates to Crocketts Hill, Drumnacannon, Ireland … Huguenot (Louis XIV expulsion from France) from Brittany, France
    1640 – Brittany, France (8th g – grandfather birth year)
    1495 – Britanny, France (12 th g – grandfather birth year)
    1066 – possible Norman Knight
    900 – possible that Bernard the Dane “might” be my ancestor … he was Rollo “the Dane?” ‘s right hand (b. 870) man, and was part of the Viking’s who converted to being Norman’s Note Rollo is King William the Conqueror’s gg-gf.
    ~880 Bernard the Dane – born in Denmark, somewhere

    • Excellent! Thanks for posting your lineage. I’ve had some posts in the past wondering if we would be found among the Normans. I don’t know if there has been a good genetic study of the available ancient remains.

      • Mike,

        One of the closest matches to me on the BIG Y Block Tree is the family name called Dameron (Damron DNA Project). There is a good chance that they hail from France (at the time of the Normans) –> UK —> USA. Their breadcrumbs are not conclusive though (as they have not made a full “name connection” of their progenitor Lawrence Dameron b. 1615 (from UK) back to France, but there was a Dameron sailor named (from France) who explored Canada in the 1600’s.



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