Elmer, Elmore, Ellmore, Aylmer Recruits Wanted

We’re also looking for Ellmers, Almers, Ailmers and other varieties we haven’t thought of. Are there Olmers? I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of ways to spell it.

We Want YOU to test your Y DNA

We’re trying to connect with our nearer and more distant relatives worldwide using Y DNA to jump the gaps in our historical records and reconnect with our cousins in the Elmer, Elmore, Aylmer diaspora.

Why Y?

Y DNA follows the male line and can be traced back through hundreds and thousands of years and generations, connecting you to your ancestors through your DNA. Y DNA can reach back through more generations than other tests like AncestryDNA.

Not a Man? Not to worry, just find a male line relative, father, grandfather, uncle, or male cousin and get them tested. Y DNA isn’t just for men, if you’re alive, you’re related to a man. Hunt them down and make them give up a little spit.

Discover Your DNA Journey at Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA is a great place to test and match other male lines. Start with a basic Y37 or jump all the way in with a Big Y test and Join the Elmore Y DNA Group to be sorted into family groups. There are many independent Elmer, Elmore and Aylmer families whose stories are hidden in your DNA and just waiting to be told.

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