Another Carr in the mix

A small update on my post on triangulation and the Carr family.

Today, while poking around at Gedmatch, I discovered another DNA relative of my dad who is related to the Carr family. In my Carr family post, I had David, Bruce and Evelyn with David showing as a match on a separate chromosome. Not ideal, but some growing weight behind our Carr family.

Today’s match, Brittany, who appears to be related more closely to David, bridges the DNA gap between David and Bruce/Evelyn. Britanny matches both David on chromosome 8 and in a smaller segment, Bruce and Evelyn on Chromosome 10.

It bolsters my confidence level in these matches and previous paper trail research into our unexpected Carr family. Hopefully the evidence will continue to trickle in.

Here’s to you Imogene Carr.

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