U152 Thompsons at Y67

U152 Thompsons at Y67, the playing field is narrowing.

I had some decisions to make. I could pursue testing further SNPs for the U152 Thompsons one at a time, I could save up for a big Y for them, or I could bump them out to Y67 and see what their matches looked like there. I chose the Y67. I thought they might come closer to their Thomson match who stopped at Y67 (and U152->L2). I also thought they might come closer to the William Thompson listed on the U152 map who appears to have run big Y.

Y67 did narrow the results down quite a bit. Y37 match with Davis is gone. The new top match is Davidson at 64/67, with no way to contact him. The Thomson match is still there now, instead of 34/37 they are 62/67 (a genetic distance of 5) and the second closest match in the list. I sent along an email, but have no response. At a genetic distance of 5 with a shared surname (or variant) FTDNA lists Thomson as “related”. Unfortunately that is as far as that goes. Without some form of contact, we’re stuck there at Thomson. By my calculations, William Thompson should also appear in the match list but doesn’t.

If I want to get the most information (and possibly catch up to William Thompson) my only real next step is either Y111 (which he has) or Big Y. Big Y may pull them closer to William Thompson or it could push them farther apart if the U152 Thompsons are in a different major Y branch from William. I may just end up doing both. Hopefully the U152 group is as helpful with interpretation of big Y as the U106 and Z18 groups have been.

At the end of the Y67 results, I feel like I’ve got a Thompson/Thomson win, although they are probably distantly related…they are still related within the last 1000 years or so. The rest of the match list contains the Wilsons and Douglas families from Y37 until at a certain point the matches get more “Alpine” and appear to skip haplogroups on me.

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