U152 Thompsons get a new haplogroup DF103

The backbone M343 Y SNP panel at Family Tree DNA  came back a little earlier than I expected. We have our new haplogroup: DF103. Of course I rushed right out to see what that was all about. So DF103 is a child of L2 which is a child of U152.

Getting in the wayback machine, I had looked at their 23 and me results and determined that they were not L2. Oddly though, most of the matches from the Y37 upgrade seemed to be L2 men. Including a tantalizing Thomson match in their match list. That match plus several closer matches that were also L2 had me wondering if I was wrong…and I was.

Anyway, I can pursue those L2 matches without too much concern, they’re at least in the same ballpark, although our Thompsons may be in an unpopular part of L2. I rushed right out to see what DF103 was all about.

One of the first pages I found was a map with some listing for DF103 men in Europe.


I decided to click on some of the people stuck in the ocean off of Ireland because I thought they might be people stuck in the U.S. The second one I picked there was William Thompson 1875! He’s in DF103!


I wonder if his unknown location is the same as the U152 Thompson’s unknown location (Pennsylvania). So I searched for him in the Thompson group and then I searched for him in the U152 group and then I searched for him in the MacTavish group. Nothing. Not listed at all.

I made contact with their Y37 Thomson match and have not heard anything back. I  hunted for him high and low in various projects and just couldn’t find him.  This is two possible Thom(p)son matches that I just can’t seem to get in sync with. It makes me wonder if they are very old kits, possibly from men who died.

I tried to upload the U152 Thompson results to Ysearch with no luck, I just get an error there. So now I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage in match searching. I think I will contact the U152 admins to see if they have any more information or can put me in touch with either of these men.





Why two Ys?  See how Y DNA Testing Changed my Thompson Hunt back in 2013.


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