New U152 Thompson Y37 Results

Back in October, I ordered the Y37 upgrade for my U152 Thompsons. I was hoping to narrow down their enormous set of Y12 results and hopefully find a Thompson that was a close match. The results are in and here is the match list so far:

FTDNA matches for U152 Thompsons, including a Thomson born around 1815

I ended my screen capture right there at Mr John Thomson. Of course the top match is Zadock Davis, but there appears to be no way to contact them. Most matches are R-M269 which means basic R1b. Tellingly several in their total list are L2, which is below U152 in the Y tree. I notice that one of the Wilsons is also L2 and that there are a range of Wilson matches. Of course there at the end is John Thomson, also an L2.

I was excited to see several U152 positive men, but confused because my early analysis at 23 and me was that our men were not L2. Of course that was based off of 23 and me results and I’ve seen some of their Y and MTDNA results come up a little short. So it’s possible my analysis was wrong. Perhaps the U152 Thompsons had a no call there or my sleuthing was just plain off?

Not having their haplogroup will haunt me, because if they were a good 67 match to John Thomson there in the list, the question of whether they are L2 or not will need to be answered for them to be related in any reasonable timeframe. To help solve that problem in advance, I ordered the M343 Backbone test from FTDNA. It should discover if they are L2 or not. If they are, then John Thomson might be an option and the Y67 will be our next step. If they are down a different U152 branch, I’ll have to take stock of the options and see if I still want to pursue Y67 without much hope of matching either a Thomson or Wilson from this list.

They’ve gone from 40 or so pages of matches to just 2, so that is a huge improvement. I want to see how far we can go and hopefully still get back beyond Levi Thompson 1834.



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