Some DF95 Cumberland Updates

An update to my map with panel testers and big Y testers on it.

I apologize if you’re color blind as I’ve used colors here to differentiate the tests.

Red (floating in the sea and placed in Germany) represent out Cumberland Cluster A testers Corson and Schmidt. I’ve put Corson/Jansen in the sea because they could be from Sweden but some family members also place them in the Netherlands. Having had my own relative from Norway mixed in with the colonies of New Netherlands, I have some understanding of the confusion that can be caused.

Purple represents the Cumberland B testers (Edwards, Olds and Burghgraeve) in the panel results (placed in Belgium, Wales and England).

Cumberland SNP map beyond DF95

Dark Blue represent our Cumberland Big Y testers Ovens and Lund, in Scotland and Norway respectively. Green are our Cumberland B Big Y testers Winne, Stanuszek and I believe I snuck in another Polish tester who has not shared their result yet but in comparisons to others through the big Y matching tool appears to go to ZP128 with Winne (Netherlands as best I can tell) and Stanuszek (Poland) before going his own way.

The lighter blue clustered there in southeast England represent Lunsford, Elmer and Knowlton.

For the time being, we have our two oldest branches (Corson and Schmidt) still hovering around the center of our range. The big changes here are really in me recognizing that there are still two valid possibilities for Corson (Netherlands vs Sweden). I’ve also moved Ovens who was kind enough to fill me in on his Edinburgh Ovens roots. He also reminded me that that area of Scotland and East Anglia were both inhabited by the Angles who are from Angeln which is part of the Jutland peninsula.

map of Britain with Angles highlighted

This map stolen from wikipedia

That brings us to this updated chart of panel results, mixed with big Y results and with a dash of 458.2 mixed in.

cumberland snp testing panel

The reason I’m updating the graphic is that it has turned out that Wright and Little both have the DYS458.2 micro allele and so belong in Cumberland B. That leaves Schmidt and Corson as our Cumberland A representatives with Schmidt being positive for at least one other SNP in the panel, not shared by any others tested to date.

The S8387 results give me pause now that I know about Wright and Little. It seems odd to me that all the big Y testers so far have it, but only one panel member. Of course finding those differences is what testing is all about, but still I look forward to further testing by the panel testers to see where things really lie.

Given that Wright and Little were not really Cumberland A people, I’m trying to get into contact with those Cumberland A men (who I haven’t yet talked to and who were not retested in October of 2013) to see if they have a DYS458 micro allele or not.

At some point, it would be best if the micro allele could be tied to an SNP, so that we would be fairly certain that Everyone who was ZP85 positive had it for instance. That way we would not have to rely on self reporting.

Update Nov 21, 2015

Big Y results are in for Wright. They are on the branch of our Cumberland family with Winne and Stanuszek down the path of ZP125.

cumberland panel results with big Y



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