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Elmer Arms

Elmer Elmore Genealogy Crest Description “Elmer (Risby, Co. Lincoln) ar. a cross sa. betw. four Cornish choughs ppr. Crest: On a chapeau az. turned up erm. two wings expanded out of a ducal coronet.” The Crest above is from the “Elmer Elmore Genealogy, Records of the Descendants of Edward Elmer, of Braintree, Eng., and Hartford, Conn., through His Son Edward. 1632-1899.” Compiled by Rev. William W. Johnson, North Greenfield, Wisconsin, 1899. Pub. by the Compiler. Page 4.

I’m going to state the obvious here, but we’re Elmers. It’s been a long time coming and I feel like crowing a bit…or cawing I guess (whatever choughs do, as they seem to be fancy crows, I’m guessing they caw).

I’ve traded the Hawks of the Thompson crest for slightly different birds I suppose. What may or may not have been apparent in my other posts is that, working together with the Elmers, we were able to define a set of SNPs that belong to Edward and at least one SNP that belongs to his son Edward 2’s branch of the family.

That happens to be the branch I am on. Seeing as my best candidate Elmore family is also on this line, I feel pretty good about the positioning. I’m still troubled by my Elmore family autosomal match, but I’m hoping to shore that up with the kit I just sent off to (yes…after I gave up on autosomal DNA, I sent a kit to ancestry). I’m hoping to meet up with another Elmore family tester there and have a nice easy interaction with them on equal terms as DNA relatives.

At a minimum though, I have my branch of the Elmer family and should I be wrong about my Peoria Elmores, I at least have some direction to go on to hunt for other overlapping families.

For me there is now, just the minor gap between 1925 and 1654 to fill in and also the gap from 1610 (Ed 1) to about 1000 AD when we meet the Knowltons.

I’ve also sent in a Y37 upgrade to Family Tree DNA for the U152 Thompsons. I’ll keep my promise to Levi and see if I can’t jump their hurdles too. Now that I am not trying to combine our families (genetically anyway, socially we’re obviously a family), genetic genealogy may work in my favor for figuring them out. We should have some of those answers early next year.

In the meantime we’ve been adding more Elmers who were lost to Edward 2 Elmer side of the house through SNP testing at YSEQ. The return on the big Y investment has been amazing (for us anyway) and the process is working!


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