Elmer A2284 and Unexpected Outcomes

Continuing from Big Y and the Dreaded No Call and Adventures in Big Y and YSEQ

The quick recap:

We’re attempting to use the Big Y results from two Elmers whose most recent common ancestor is Edward Elmer 1610. Each of our testers is related to a different son of Edward. R1 is related to Samuel and L2 is related to Edward 1654.

When our results for R1 came in, it appeared that A2281 would be a divider for the group, but then we learned it was a “no call”. Which, if I’m remembering correctly means it couldn’t be determined whether it was positive or negative. A2281 had no calls throughout the big Y results. We could assume a positive based on the results of the other Elmers, but we want to be sure because we’re down to the nitty gritty now.

Where are we now:

We’re currently waiting for verification of A2281 for our Edward Elmer pillar tester “L2”. The second question about the results was, “is A2284 a real negative for R1 or is it also a no call?”

Here is a refresher for the results we have so far:

elmer private and no call SNPs

While we wait for the results for A2281 and L2, we asked to have the big Y results for R1 analyzed by one of the gurus at U106 to see if A2284 was really a solid negative. No one had a no call listed for that SNP, but again, we are down to the end of the Big Y race and we don’t want to leave it to chance.

The answer we got was that it is a solid negative. That places A2284 on L2’s side of the family under Edward Elmer 1654. For us, that rewrites the tree a little from what we were expecting.

Based on STRs and a genetic distance of 0, we placed M1 under Samuel with R1. They are a perfect Y37 match where as L2 and I are more similar to each other carrying a common STR mutation away from the other Elmers.

My own research leads me to believe that L2 and I share Edward 1654’s son Hezekiah as our most recent common ancestor. So I was happy to see the shared STR mutation. What does it mean now that we know M1, who doesn’t carry our STR mutation, does carry an SNP (A2284) in common?

I think it’s reasonable to think that M1 shares a common ancestor with us after Edward Elmer 1610, but branches off before the common ancestor shared by L2 and me.

We’re not talking about a lot of generations here. Edward 1610 is the root and I hypothesize that L2 and I share his grandson Hezekiah. That would leave M1 branching off at his son Edward 1654. It would also assign our STR mutation to Hezekiah. Pretty tight timing.

M1’s Y37 haplotype best matches someone in another branch of the Elmer tree. I think that means they likely best represent the Y37 signature of Edward Elmer himself.  We’ve called them “Elmer Normal” for some time because we all seem to be a variation of their theme. Now that we have them descending from different sons, it seems we were on the right track with that designation.

In Adventures in Big Y, I put a bit in about expecting the unexpected and put up a tree with some results that were fairly different. Now that all the big Y tests are in. I have a slightly different, but still unexpected tree in mind.

For the record, here is what we thought we would find:

expected big y snps
Here is what I think our best Y STR and SNP evidence (plus some family tree speculation on my part) shows for the time being:
a2284 big Y Elmer Knowlton SNP tree

Since M1 being closer to L2 came as a surprise, I’ve made L1 and R1 tentative companions under Samuel with a grey box. We’ll know more about L1 when his YSEQ results come in.

We’ve effectively defined Edward Elmer 1610 SNPs and A2284 is not in them. We’ve also shown that R1 and L2 share several SNPs beyond the Knowlton/Elmer common ancestor. Those have become Elmer private SNPs for the time being, with the Knowlton family currently sharing the most recent common ancestor with the Elmers estimated around 1030 AD.

Now I am very curious about the SNPs for G1. it would be nice to have that third branch be the confirmation for these “Elmer” SNPs. I’m also eager to take them back to England and recruit Elmer, Elmore and Aylmer testers.

Update 8/27/2015

Results are in for L1 and he is A2284 positive as well. This puts him under Ed2 also along with his Y37 0 GD match M1. To me this is yet more evidence that these men (M1, L1 and R1) represent “Normal Elmer” and are most likely the haplotype of Ed Elmer 1610 himself.
Here is a revised family tree with the new placements. In this graphic I’ve assigned the Elmer/Elmore kit numbers from FTDNA for reference. This mimics the results page on the Ed Elmer site. I apologize for the confusion.
  • JME N83174 is M1
  • L 272763 is L1
  • M T B2769 is me, Mike Thompson
  • E L 369990 is L2
  • G 344982 is G1
  • R 364027 is R1
elmer SNP tree post bigY

Update 9/20/2015

The “no call” on A2281 for kit 369990 (alternately L2) has been resolved. He is positive for that like all the other Elmers. The question remains whether the Knowlton no call for that same SNP is really a positive or negative.

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