Partial Return from YSEQ

I thought I would mark the time a bit in a post about my experience with YSEQ so far.

I ordered six SNPs at $17 apiece on the 20th of June. My kit arrived at my house a few days before I sent it back out on the 27th of June. The return address for the kit was Berlin Germany so I expected it to take a bit to make it there. YSEQ changed my status to processing on July 9th. Four of my six SNP results were returned on the 15th of July.

That is lightening speed in the world of genetic Y chromosome testing. Typically, we would wait for the seasons to change before looking for results back.

You can see my post about what we expect from big Y and YSEQ here, just after I mailed off my kit.

Here is the chart of our testing expectations.

expected big y snp tree
  • I tested for one SNP that was shared by the Knowlton family (A2277).
  • Four SNPs shared by our two Elmer testers (M1 and L2) (A2278, A2280, A2283, A2284) 
  • One singleton SNP of L2 (A5920).
Here are my partial results:
1984 A2280 ChrY 15779806 15779806 A+
1984 A2283 ChrY 18553735 18553735 T+
1984 A2284 ChrY 21186403 21186403 A+
1984 A5920 ChrY 18578248 18578248 A-

My kit there is number 1984. The SNP names are assigned by YSEQ. The two number columns are the SNP locations on the Y.  The results are positive or negative for the variant.

I’m still processing  the Knowlton SNP A2277 and the Elmer SNP A2278. At this point,

I was negative for the A5920 singleton SNP for L2 in the chart. I was hoping for that smoking gun, but with only one singleton SNP from L2 to work with, my odds were not that good. M1 meanwhile has four SNPs to himself. The odds of identifying a branch from his singletons will be better.

Where does this leave me. Well, I have a hunch that I’ll be positive for the Knowlton/Elmer SNP A2277. The Elmer SNP A2278 is a bit harder for me to call. I of course want it to match so I can, at a minimum, close the case file on me and Ed Elmer with a non-ambiguous win.

If I nab that Elmer SNP I can pin Ed Elmer down and bump my last known paternal ancestor to 1613..ish.

Whether or not I pick up that last Elmer SNP I will need to wait for the big Y results from our pillar R1 to see how we all fit with each other.

Depending on how things go with those results, I may run through a few more singletons for M1 and R1 to see where I stand. Should all of those comparisons leave me right where I am now, I’ll probably then shoot for Y Prime (sticker shock at $750) and try to convince L2 to test some of MY singletons…moooohahahahaha! Before that though, I really need to get back and follow up on the U152 Thompsons. Their brick wall match may be a few hundred dollars away.



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