Fathers Day Y mile markers

What you can see from the Ed Elmer blog I threw together is that we’ve been doing a bunch of Y work between the Elmers and Knowltons. This weekend..ironically or not Father’s day weekend, we launched two more Y probes to add to the results from earlier tests this year.

For the Elmers we have one big Y test that will give direction to the group. We had one test down the line of Edward Elmer 2 and one test from an Elmer whose tree is stuck around the time of the revolution. This new test is down the line of Samuel Elmer. With two known lines from Edward Elmer 1 through sons Edward 2 and Samuel, we should be able to get a nice list of those SNPs that belong to Ed 1 and which continue down individual lines. Triangulating the Y.

It will also help place the Knowltons in the scope of the Y family. The Knowltons share two SNPs that no other tester has shared yet. Depending on how this test shakes out, it could help place them as relatives on this side of the pond or back in England.

It is a very big deal for this small group of men who have come a long, long way.

I hit my own milestone this weekend too.  Along the way, I’ve made the Elmer related SNPs testable at YSEQ. I ordered my own test there, specifically looking to match up with my Elmer counterpart who is related to Hezekiah Elmer in 1680. That’s the line I expect to be down given the research I’ve been able to do.

I won’t get a list of my own SNPs to track like the Elmer men did, but I haven’t been able to find an Elmore man farther down my expected line to test anyway. I could also run the other next gen tests at some point in the future. I’m just impatient to know if I’m on the right path and if the signs are pointing in the right direction and I’d like to have my results when we’re discussing the results of the group.

I hope to get some definitive answers to a lot of questions in the next few months. Some very personal and some on a grander scale. I’m also looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and applying it to the U152 Thompsons.

On father’s day, thinking of things I’d like to continue to do with Y DNA:

  • upgrade the U152 Thompson kit to 37 or 67. I think I will tackle this next.
  • get our Jensen Z18 tester from Denmark tested for some of these new SNPs if not big Y itself.
  • create a panel at YSEQ that we could use for Elmer/Elmore men in England to try to recruit overseas.
  • find that elusive Elmore man related to James Walsworth Elmore who is interested in getting a Y test to definitively back up my assertion that James is related to Edward Elmer 1.





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