Elmore and Elmer Ancestors by Cousinship

Here is the list of my dad’s Elmore and Carr ancestors by cousinship.

****2nd cousin sharing great grandparents****

Guy Milford Elmore
Birth: 1887 Smithfield, Fulton Illinois
Death: APR 1963  Peoria, Peoria Co, IL, US

Imogene Lee Carr
Birth: 18 FEB 1885 Athens Twp, Ringgold, Iowa
Death: 23 APR 1909 Peoria, Illinois, USA


****3rd cousin sharing second great grandparents****

Halsey Orton Elmore
Birth: 27 NOV 1865  Peru, Clinton Co, New York
Death: 29 NOV 1937  Limestone, Peoria, Illinois

Etta Mae VanHouten
Birth: 16 AUG 1865  Fulton Co, IL
Death: 19 MAR 1903  Peoria, Peoria Co, IL

Daniel Brimerman Carr
BIRTH ABT 1860  Indiana
DEATH Story County, Iowa, USA

Mary Mae Smith
BIRTH 28 FEB 1870  Decatur, Iowa, USA
DEATH 19 NOV 1920  Peoria, Illinois, USA


****4th cousin sharing third great grandparents****

James Walsworth Elmore
BIRTH JAN 1823 Essex Co, New York
DEATH 1904 Seville, Fulton Co, IL

Lydia Ann Hicks
BIRTH 8 DECEMBER 1824 New York
DEATH 21 MARCH 1887 Seville, Fulton Co, IL

George R Vanhouten
BIRTH 07 MAR 1843 Illinois, United States
DEATH 24 MAY 1908 Cass Twp, Fulton Co, IL
Esmerelda Totten
BIRTH 3 SEPTEMBER 1848 Illinois
DEATH 29 MAY 1938 Canton, Fulton, Illinois, USA

Ananias Nile Carr
BIRTH 14 AUG 1819 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States
DEATH 1912 nevada story iowa

Jane Davis Franklin (first marriage to Manifee)
BIRTH 17 MAR 1819 Washington County, Abbington, Virginia
DEATH 1 FEB 1909 Nevada, Story, Iowa, USA

Isaac Smith Smyth Smythe
BIRTH 16 DEC 1844 Grainger County, Tennessee
DEATH 26 AUG 1925 Leon, Decatur, Iowa

Loula Amy Emma Vanderpool
BIRTH ABT 1854 Decatur County, Iowa
DEATH BEF. 1920 Decatur County, Iowa


****5th cousin sharing fourth great grandparents****

James Elmore
BIRTH 16 JUL 1798 Peru, Clinton Co, NY
DEATH 9 SEPTEMBER 1833 Peru, Clinton Co, NY

Katherine Cochrane
BIRTH 1803
DEATH 13 APR 1825 Peru, Clinton Co, New York

Amizi amaza AMAZIAH Hicks
BIRTH 28 FEB 1788 New York
DEATH AFT 1870 Seville, Fulton Co, IL

Lydia Ann Fuller Irish
BIRTH 8 JUL 1793 Peru, Clinton Co, New York
DEATH 3 JAN 1869 Seville, Fulton Co, IL

James Vanhouten
BIRTH 22 AUG 1809 New York
DEATH 4 MAR 1893 Smithfield, Fulton Co, IL

Esther Carley
BIRTH 24 SEP 1818 Tompkins County, New York, USA
DEATH 26 DEC 1893 Cuba, Fulton Co, IL

John Totten Sr
DEATH 1901 – 1910 Fulton Co, IL

Barbara Baughman
BIRTH 14 FEB 1827 OH
DEATH 18 SEP 1920 Canton, Fulton Co, IL

Nathan Carr
BIRTH 17 SEP 1774 Kentucky Or Delaware
DEATH 21 FEB 1857 Alya, Howard, Indiana, United States

Sarah Sally Willey
BIRTH 1762 Delaware, United States
DEATH 3 NOV 1854 Boone, Indiana, United States

Thomas Franklin
BIRTH Unknown

David L. Smith
BIRTH ABT 1821 Tennessee
DEATH 17 AUG 1862 Eden, Decatur, Iowa, United States

Elizabeth Vandergraff Vandergriff
BIRTH 27 DEC 1820 Grainger, Tennessee, United States
DEATH 26 JAN 1892 Leon, Decatur, Iowa, United States

John C Vanderpool
BIRTH ABT. 1816 Ray County, Missouri
DEATH AUG 1859 Center Twp, Decatur, Iowa

Mary ‘Polly’ Stanley
BIRTH 1823 Kentucky
DEATH ABT. 1857 Decatur County, Iowa



I’m leaving this old post down here for continuity and to see where I was in February 2015. The new improved list is above.

Okay. Here there be dragons.

By it’s very nature this family tie is…difficult. There is no paper trail to connect to here, only some DNA evidence, rough proximity and timing. This listing constitutes my best guess at the time given Autosomal and Y DNA Evidence. I’ve been wrong. I’ll be wrong again…but I’m tired of trying to describe this family to people so I need a standard cousin listing like my other families.

Another note about the family, some of their lines are shrouded in mystery. Several family trees do not progress beyond James Walsworth Elmore. Ironically, that is where my Y match to the Elmers and Elmores comes into play.

Here is a list of my dad’s most likely “Elmore and Elmer” relatives by cousinship:

****2nd cousin sharing great grandparents****
This is going to be tough. There are several men I suspect could be my dad’s great grandfather. I have no Y test closer than Hezekiah Elmer born in 1686 to guide me. I do have the convenient proximity of this family in Peoria IL (and surrounding areas) in 1924 and the results of one autosomal test. The match was good on the autosomal test, but at a 3rd cousin range when I was expecting a 2nd cousin. Also the matching segments don’t triangulate to any known members of any family yet.

I’m going to list the couples that might foot the bill. As a result there will be way too many people here and lots of notes. Take your pick.

Elbridge Walsworth Elmore 1850 Clinton NY.
Sarah Jane Hargraves 1844 NY
note: I think this couple is unlikely because they move back to New York putting them a bit out of reach.

Herbert Leslie “Darby” Elmore 1870 Peru Clinton NY
Elta Mabel Davidson 1880 Illinois
note: I don’t see any children for this couple.

Halsey Orton Elmore 1866 NY
Etta Mae VanHouten 1868 Ill
note: multiple sons. This family was my first choice. A descendant of Halsey is a good autosomal match for my dad, but in the 3rd cousin range. That makes me think it could be one of Halsey’s brothers.

James W Elmore 1864 NY
Elmira 1871 Ill
note: no children listed.

Asa Buell Elmore 1857 Clinton NY
Georgetta Craft 1867 PA.
note: the Craft family name appears quite a bit among genetic relatives of my grandfather, but these Crafts go back to Germany while the others do not.

William Ernest Elmore 1854 Clinton NY
Elizabeth Cranford 1860 Ill.
note: There may be a connection through some of Elizabeth’s Harrell family to genetic relatives at 23 and me and FTDNA who have Crawford and Harrell families. It would be a very old autosomal match.

****3rd cousin sharing 2nd great grandparents****
Some of these will be missing. Without knowing which guy could be a great grandfather, I’ll stick to listing the two people I feel most confident of. This would be the most likely common ancestors for the autosomal tester in the Elmore family.

James Walsworth (or Walworth) Elmore 
Birth: 1823 Essex NY
Death: 1904 Seville, Fulton, IL

Lydia Ann Hicks
1824 NY
1887 Seville, Fulton, IL

****4th cousin sharing 3rd great grandparents****

James Elmore 

birth 1798 Peru, Clinton, NY
death 1833 Peru Clinton NY

Katherine Cochrane
birth 1803 
death 1825 Peru Ny

Amizi Amaziah Hicks
birth 1788 NY
death 1870 Seville, Fulton, IL

Lydia Ann Fuller Irish
birth 1793 Peru, Clinton, NY
death 1869 Seville, Fulton, IL

****5th cousin sharing 4th great grandparents****

John Elmore
birth 1766 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
death 1840 Peru, Clinton, NY

Elizabeth Hay
birth 1778 Quebec Canada
death 1851 Peru Clinton NY

Here the Hicks, Fuller (or Irish) and Cochrane families have kind of disappeared. I’ve poked at them a bit but I haven’t pushed them any farther.

Elizabeth Hay is the daughter of William Hay from Scotland and his wife Elizabeth Williams who may have been from the U.S. 

John Elmore is the son of Daniel Elmer and Mary Norton from Franklin Mass. Daniel is the son of Hezekiah Elmer and his wife Miriam Standish Janes of Massachusetts. That brings us to our closest Y match.


  1. I am related to Amaziah Hicks and LYdia Irish. Might you know the name of their parents? You have Lydia as Lydia Ann Fuller Irish. Any idea if this is the Lydia married to Amaziah? What is the Fuller about? Can you tell me what DNA you took? Did you like it and find it most helpful? Thanks for your time. Jackie

    • Hi, sorry it took so long to respond. I recommend Ancestry DNA. I have several Elmore cousins there that could line up with Hicks/Irish DNA. Lydia was listed as Fuller in some trees and several people in the family are buried at the Elmore-Fuller-Hicks Cemetery in Fulton Illinois according to find a grave, but I tend to think Lydia is unknown and haven’t verified the burials myself.

  2. I am trying to find the parents of Lydia Irish 1793-1869 and Amaziah Hicks 1788. I descend through their son David Hicks. You mention a DNA study, could you please tell me what program you used? Also could you tell me how the Irish and Hicks are related to Elmore grandparents? Have you found any good sources for Washington Co., NY? I hope we can discuss this further.

    • Hi Jackie, I have autosomal results at Family Tree DNA, 23 and Me and Ancestry.com. I recommend starting with Ancestry.com DNA. I’m there along with many other Elmore cousins that could possibly line up with Hicks/Irish DNA matches.

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