DYS458.2 Cluster Bomb and a DF95 for me

Although this information is unlikely to help me find Levi Thompson’s family in Pennsylvania, I’m pretty excited.

In order to get the most current data on all cumberland cluster members DYS458 results, a few of us donated money for testing and had a group retest done. The results should be out in a few months. With this test we’ll be able to see if the DYS458.2 values are cluster wide or if they break the cluster into smaller groups.

Testing everyone at once will bring all of us up to the same standard and will make the results less questionable (they are questionable now due to differences in testing companies in the past). It will also make everyone’s results “available” for review where as I had to individually poll people in the past.

seeĀ https://wanderingtrees.com/2012/11/dys4582-poll-returns

If the value breaks our cluster up, it may give us an idea of when it happened along some projected migration path or span of time. If not, maybe it is a defining mark of our cluster.

I’ve also signed up for a DF95 SNP test. A few cluster mates are already positive for it, but again, it’s one of those things you want to test to make sure it’s cluster wide. I believe it was first identified in Wales, but it looks like one of our German cluster members is already positive as well. It may also turn out to be a defining SNP for us or a break point for the cluster.

I can’t wait to speculate wildly on these two results as they come in.









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