The results are in from my rounds of DNA testing. To confirm my grandfather (who has no brothers or sisters to test) I tested my first cousin and to confirm my grandfather’s uncle, two of my father’s second cousins tested. They were first cousins to each other and so confirmed their grandfather (my grandfather’s uncle) brother to Ray Bishop Thompson in my tree. My grandfather having been raised alongside their fathers there in Indiana.

Things being right with the world, my cousin and I are a perfect match and the second cousins are a perfect match to each other.

My cousin:

13 25 14 11 11-11 12 12 12 13 13 30


13 25 14 11 11-11 12 12 12 13 13 30

Second cousin 1:

13 24 14 11 11-14 12 12 12 13 13 29
Second cousin 2:
13 24 14 11 11-14 12 12 12 13 13 29

You can see my cousin and I are pretty distinctive even at 12. We have the three 11s in a row which is actually a mark of our cluster under Z14. The 25 in position two where the modal is usually 24 (except in our cluster).

So even at this most basic level we don’t match the Indiana Thompsons very well except that we’re both R1b. They are likely R1b-P312 while my cousin and I are down the other branch R1b-U106.

The Indiana Thompsons are already being placed with similar Thompsons in the Thompson project. Their DNA is exactly what I would expect from a Scots Irish Thompson. My cousin and I are still sitting in the “ungrouped” area.

What I know is that my grandfather does not share a Y ancestor with his uncle. Those are the facts. Whether he matched his dad is yet to be figured out. With no first cousin Thompsons for my dad to test against, we’re done Y testing Thompsons on our side.

The only way I can think of to find out if my grandfather is related to his father Ray Bishop Thompson is to test one of the Indiana Thompsons at 23 and me. If the NPE occurred at Ray Thompson then my grandfather could be related to Ida Williamson (his grandmother) but not Albert Thompson (his grandfather) and the Indiana Thompsons and my father would share a great grandmother. That could/should still be very visible in their autosomal DNA.

If the NPE occurred at my grandfather, then he would be related to his mother Ina Finks, but not his father Ray Thompson and I would have to begin there looking for genetic relatives of my grandfather. No Williamsons to match with.

The reason I think the NPE is on my side of this equation is the fact that the Indiana Thompsons already have decent Thompson matches where I have had none. They look very Thompsonish while our results really do look “ungrouped”. They are now really the best hope for finding the family of Levi Thompson.

If you’ve followed along, you know this has been quite a journey through what it means to be a Thompson and to search for your roots and follow the patterns. I’ve been hunting for people, but also following the arc of a stone thrown in the water and watching the ripples expand outward. Trying to piece together, sometimes ancient, history with strands of DNA and use it along with, often poorly kept, official records to figure out the minds and actions of people in the 1800s. In turn seeing how people from the 1800s have shaped my life and the lives of my children. It has been an awesome journey.

From very early on I’ve expected and suspected some form of NPE, but I know, deep down, that I have always sort of hoped it would be a little further back in time.

As I write this, what strikes me is that only by coming this far and battling this hard to piece things together, would I gain the knowledge and make the connections needed to know that my best hope to find Levi Thompson’s roots is to remove myself from the equation.

We Thompsons always do things the hard way, and this is no different. This time though Fate has smiled upon me and given me a good turn. I will find this family that gave me my name and shaped all our lives. I now have the piece of the puzzle I’ve been struggling to place. I have the tools and the information and I think things are going to start falling into place.

I also have a new clearer front in my campaign of genealogical terror. With some help from my Indiana Thompson cousins and 23 and me I’ll be better able to tell where we diverge from the family genetically. Now that I don’t have to meet up with my Thompsons using our very non-Thompsonish Y DNA, I’m going to be able to find our genetic paternal line too.

I have yet another interesting family to learn about. Fate goes ever as she shall.






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