Ordered a Test for a Known Thompson

Tonight I ordered a Y test of another descendant of Levi Thompson’s son Albert. This person branches off from my family at Albert’s son Francis Pearl. I am down the line of Albert’s son Ray Bishop. It’s a twelve marker test. The lowest possible test from Family Tree DNA and not one they offer anymore on the regular site, but they’re doing it as a promotion to go along with a “who do you think you are” event.

Having finally run across the most inexpensive Y DNA test I could find, I jumped at the opportunity to possibly end my time as a Y snowflake. It’s very exciting because if everything lines up as expected we’ll have a good idea of what Albert Thompson’s Y DNA looked like and if we don’t match at all, then we can start looking and testing for possible non-paternal events.

My next step with this same branch of the Thompson family would be autosomal testing (Family Finder or 23 and Me) to see where we have common genetic relatives.






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