DYS463 Return from Elmer

After being alerted to an anomaly in my Y DNA STRs (as compared to my cluster mates and the rest of R1b-Z18, I began to look more closely at DYS463. Here is my original post on that New Eyes on Y DNA. As you would see there the Knowltons and Elmer at SMGF share the value of 23 at DYS463. Most of Z18 has 25 there and it’s used as something of a predictor for Z18+ status. So this value of 23 stands out. It’s one thing to have it stand out at SMGF, but I think it will be more important to have it displayed at FTDNA where most Y DNA research is going on.

To confirm what I’m seeing at SMGF among Knowltons and Elmers I asked my Elmer match and the lead of the Knowlton Y DNA project to test DYS463 as well. The results for Elmer are in and they are DYS463=23 as expected.

It’s nice because it solidifies the link between my SMGF Elmer match and my FTNDA Elmer match. At some point in the future I hope to post the same result for the Knowlton match in Z18 as well. I expect the FTDNA Knowltons to line up with the SMGF Knowltons with DYS463=23 as well.

In the cumberland cluster under Z18 Thomas, Chandler, Grundy, Slaghekke all show 25. I know from the respective projects of Pipkin, Dameron and the Winne tester that they also carry 25 at DYS463.

A posting in the DNA Newbies forum got me thinking about CDYa and b values. In the Cumberland cluster, Knowlton, Elmer and I also carry CDYa/b as 35/37. CDYa and b are fast changing positions and mismatches are to be expected there, but it’s interesting to me that the three people who have a 23 at DYS463 also match at CDYa and b.

Right now there is another tester who has 35/37 at CDYa and b, Atkinson. I’d be curious to see what their DYS463 result would be to see if there is some pattern there.

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