Robert Thompson and Ann Kers(e)y

This is the Bermuda triangle of family names. I need to make this note for myself because it can easily become really confusing.

I was researching John B Hollingsworth and family (Hollingsworths Next Door) and it turns out that they bulk of their family moved from Butler PA to Grant county IN, not Madison county. John B Hollingsworth is in Madison county, down the way from Levi Thompson in 1860 but his family group is in Grant..not very far from where he lived in Van Buren, Madison, IN.

It’s good to keep in mind here that there are other Hollingsworths roaming this part of Indiana at this time that came from the Carolinas. I imagine they are distantly related.

I decided to look for Thompsons in Grant in 1860 to see if maybe Levi’s home group of Thompsons would magically be there. Of course part of my matching the Grant Hollingsworths with the Butler PA Hollingsworths and John B Hollingsworth was that I could follow the entire family from Butler in 1850 to Grant in 1860. It would be hard to know if any of the Grant Thompsons belong to Levi because I can’t find him in 1850.

Still I tried, and found a few that were interesting. One of them was way to young to be a parent of any sort, but still of interest. Robert Thompson is in Grant in 1860, he is 40 years old, born in 1820 in Pennsylvania. He is in a household with a woman listed as Ann Kersy who was born around 1835 in Vir..which is I’m sure Virginia, which reminded me of all the Kerseys I looked up while research the Coates family from Butler PA. I’ve run into genetic matches for my father who have Kerseys and Coates in their families and I spent a bit of time looking at them.

Robert is single when he is listed in the draft records for the Civil War. I don’t have much information on him but he may be worth looking up and maybe there is some connection with the Kerseys that is worth putting together. Since he’s born in 1820 it’s possible he would appear in an 1840 and 1850 census. I could also try to find Ann Kers(e)y from Virginia.

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  1. I had a really hard time finding either Robert Thompson or Ann Kersey outside of this context. I can see that Robert didn't serve in the civil war…or at least it appears that way, but I cannot see where he goes or where he comes from. Ann Kersey is as much of a mystery. I did note that in a family tree of a genetic relative I do see Kerseys from Virginia.

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