Autosomal DNA Butler PA possibility?

One of the issues I’ve had with Autosomal DNA results is that I seem to be looking way to far back in time to match up with anyone near my missing realtives. As an example, I have several people born in the 1800s that I struggle to place, and I have nearly a thousand genetic matches with people who probably match me in the early 1700s. There’s quite a leap of time.

Needless to say, Butler Pennsylvania matches are slim to none. I have a few genetic matches with family in Washington PA, but not Butler..until now. Now I have a single match with a person whose Critchlow family is from Butler PA in the 1800s. It was an awesome find! It was also frustrating, because there is no obvious connection with my Thompson family.


In reality this match has family in the right place at the right time, but we could still really match up in the 1700s on a totally different line in a totally different town in a different state with anyone on either side of my dad’s family.

The closest I come to something familiar is an offhand relationship between this match and a Bodine from New Jersey. Not stellar.

I still have hope of finding that connection somewhere though and I’ll keep picking away at it. Since this and several other larger matches at are actually tests from Family Tree DNA it may be a good idea to pay the $50 and get my dad’s test over there for a while.

Also it goes without saying that getting DNA from other known Thompsons would be helpful too.

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