Last year while working with two different genetic matches at 23 and me, I noticed that they shared the same Stinson and Bailey family. In particular they shared James Bailey and Margaret Stinson. Because these two people matched me on different chromosomes, I put it off as an interesting coincidence among people with roots in Virginia. Since I also have roots in VA, it’s possible our match is there somewhere.

Here is a link to a family tree containing the Baileys:

This year working with two more matches, this time they do share a match on the same chromosome, I found that one of them has a Stinson family and that the match is most likely on the branch of their family tree with the Stinson in it married to a Burkett. Their Stinsons go to the Carolinas. They also overlap with a person who has Stinsons, Barbers and Boulwares from South Carolina:

It turns out the Stinsons are Stephensons from Scotland. So I independently have four matches with Stinson/Stephenson connections.

There is a yest another person in this research mix who has no Stinsons (call her J) that I have seen so far, but does have a lot of Scots who move into Canada. On my grandmother’s side, I also have Scots who move into Canada, but no Stinsons.

On the list of names from the memorial linked above, I do see some I recognize like the Strouds that appear to be linked to so many of my genetic matches and the Johnstons from  J’s family tree. I also see Baileys from my matches last year (along with Stinsons of course). So this group from South Carolina may have  more meaning for me than I can fully realize now. Should I be looking for Stinsons and Stephensons in Indiana. Could these be a clue to Henry Williamson’s wife or mother? Are they connected to my Finks or McQueen family? Is there more for me in Canada than I have seen so far?

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