Genetic Thompson Fronts

I have two good Thompson fronts to work on genetically. One is with a person who has Elizabeth Thompson born in the late 1700s who marries Daniel Mickey around 1785 in Washington County PA. The Mickeys end up in Ohio. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of blurriness surrounding these Thompsons and Mickeys as evidenced by this discussion. Fortunately there is a third leg in the stool with possible other people to create even more legs. This link is interesting because in the history of Butler County Pennsylvania, in the section about Centre Township it says “John THOMPSON, also one of the Irish pioneers of the Pittsburg region, came from Washington county in 1796 with his wife and eleven children, and made his home here until death removed him, in 1845″.

There is also a genetic link with a person who has a Thompson family coming out of Antrim Ireland. James Almond Thompson born 1789 in Ireland that leaves for New Brunswick Canada. There is a tiny bit of information on the site here. Nicely, there are also other legs for this stool as well. One of them is a person I’ve worked with before trying to figure out our relationship. She has Thompson relatives from Virginia in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

As always, it’s good to keep in mind that DNA relationships seem to be mostly indirect for me. I tend to find people on the side branches who match up. So I have to be aware of entire trees. Also as always I’m so excited by  possible Thompson links that it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Another thing to remember is that I have two distinct Thompson families now and these Thompsons (if they are related) could be from either family.

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