Albert E Thompson and the Silcotts

I recently found a listing for Levi Thompson that had parents assigned to it. Finding a listing for Levi is rare enough, but finding parents was very exciting.

This tree was designed from the perspective of the Silcott branch of the family and had wonderful pictures of Emma/Emily Thompson (Levi Thompson’s daughter) her husband John Silcott and her daughter Nina (see the Silcott Puzzle).

Those pictures and the notes on the family were amazing all by themselves, but the icing on the cake was Levi’s parents listed as Albert E Thompson and Nancy. The bonus was that Albert came with a baptism record from Pike, Berks Pennsylvania.  The baptism record is from St. Joseph Hill Church, Pike, Berks, PA which is a Lutheran Church. It gets kind of confusing with this church as it’s also listed as St John’s Church for the German Reformed Congregation. Two congregations used the same log church that generally served the Oley area, a stone church was eventually built replacing the log church.

The baptism record is from 1815 and it also lists names of parents, James Thompson and Elisabeth who had at least one other child baptised in 1812, Thomas Thompson.

I am cautiously optimistic because although there aren’t a ton of details for these people and I can’t find Albert E Thompson and wife Nancy anywhere else yet, there are enough details to make me think there is a source for this listing, even if it’s a family story.

Given the German leaning of my Y DNA I can’t ignore the tantalizing possibilities of a Lutheran or German Reformed Thompson family. Although, it may have been the community church serving the area and a good place for British Thompsons to have their children baptised, German Thompsons are definitely not out of the question.

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  1. In the circular way of Thompson genealogy, after I made this post I found this blurb about Thompsons from Amity, Berks, PA:

    Lars Thomasson, born c. 1682, also donated 15 shillings in 1704 toward the cost of completing the side porches at Gloria Dei. He subsequently married Grace Smith, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Smith of Darby Township, Chester County. On 16 April 1711, as Lawrence Thompson, he purchased 200 acres in the Manor of Moreland from Nicholas and Priscilla Moore for £80. Lawrence and his wife Grace mortgaged the latter property in 1713. The mortgage was satisfied in 1723. Their first child, Sarah Thompson, was remember­ed in her grandmother Sarah Smith’s will of 8 July 1715. This family has not been further traced. It is probable, however, that they had two sons who followed their Rambo in-laws to Lancaster County and then to North Carolina: Lawrence Thompson, Jr., married Sarah Finney c. 1735 and wrote his will in North Carolina in 1790 after having eight children, the eldest of whom was baptized at St. Gabriel’s Church in Amity Township in present Berks County, Pa. Thomas Thompson married Ann Finney c. 1738, and died in North Carolina c. 1795 after having eight children.

    It's funny because it's the Jacobsson Finn Thompsons. Of course they're not the only Thompsons in the area, just google indexed enough that I keep running into them.

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