The Slow March to FTDNA

I did it. I finally purchased the switch test to FTDNA from my results. I ordered the slightly bigger test that adds markers to bring me in line with the standard panel for 37 marker matches. So when I’m finished I’ll have more results than the typical 37 marker test, but I’ll be better able to match with FTDNA customers using those four or so missing markers.

It took about three weeks but they did post my Ancestry numbers with the FTDNA conversion, presented me with matches and allowed me to upload my results to Ysearch. I already have an account at Ysearch but I went through the process anyway.

One major question was answered for me. It’s the 458.2 thing again. I’ve never been comfortable with my 16.2 being represented well in Ysearch. It turns out it wasn’t. I was counseled by Ysearch support to use 17 to represent my 16.2 but FTDNA set it at 16 and my FTDNA generated Ysearch account has 16 in that slot as well.

The good news is that I have a 100% match at Ysearch, the bad news is that it’s me.

The list of matches presented at FTDNA goes to the 25 marker test limit as I’m waiting on batch processing for those markers that get me up to 37. It’s been interesting to see that the matches there are similar to Ysearch. My Top match at Ysearch has long been the Knowltons, at FTDNA there are Knowltons but my top match is an Elmer. I believe the same Elmer from this posting in November. My other Elmer matches go back to England, but this particular Elmer is stuck in New York in the late 1790s.

My number 2 match, also one “step” away at 25 markers is a Boettcher, not a name I’m familiar with but his profile says it’s German. World Family Names says it’s very popular in Lower Saxony.

There are also a slew of Damerons and Damrons and a Jarrell who is really a Dameron. They range from one to two “steps” away.

I decided to make a map. I always decide to make a map. The Damerons are from Ipswich, The Elmers seem to be from around Braintree or a little town near Kings Lynn and the Boettcher is from Germany. I don’t even have to show this map really because most of these places are in the East Anglia/Essex area and I can’t really place “Germany” other than to say the name is popular in Lower Saxony.

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 1.45.42 AM

Okay. I threw Sutton Hoo in there as “C” just for fun.

Other than those highlights, the bulk of my matches label themselves as English, which could be caused by the overwhelming majority of English world DNA testers. At 12 markers there are a few Danes at 25 they are replaced by Germans.

I have a single Thompson match at 12 none at 25 (if they fall below 2 steps they don’t seem to be included).

My batch for 37 is supposed to run in later this summer so I hope to have new and interesting things come up from that. Also I plan to test for Z18 or further down Z14 under R1b-U106 to see if I actually do fit in with either of those groups and or the “cumberland” cluster that seems to match me really well.

All of this helps me identify patterns that may play into finding Levi Thompson’s origins.

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