The End and the Beginning

When I ordered my records from the State digital archives I also ordered several other records from Madison County. From the Anderson Library I ordered some obituaries I thought might belong to my family and I also ordered death records from the county using the forms I got from the Madison County Historical society.

The Health department kindly mailed my original forms back to me in the self addressed stamped envelopes I sent them. I’m not sure if there was some error in communication or if there is some message there.

I did however get the obituaries from the library and they were most informational. One lists Rosa with several children and the other references Levi without naming him.

This is a nice little obit listing the children and even her sister who I now know is an Eaton, but sadly not her husband. The next excerpt is a bit more …tabloid, but it does contain some good information for me.

Disappeared! How, why? What really happened? The text is so vague, what is “these 20 years ago”? Does it mean 1886? Were there no police or no sheriff in this town? What was this lawsuit? If he disappears in 1886 how can I pick him up in a veteran’s roll in 1890 in Ohio? Why is his pension request only closed in 1902?

“A later day will have to be awaited in order to solve the mystery.”

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