As I’ve contacted genetic relatives and asked permission to view their trees, I’ve made it a habit to try to check them against each other to see if they have any matches. I have a lot of matches in the Pennsylvania area, and sorting them out can be pretty hard, not least because they are so interrelated. I began with just one genetic relative who happened to be from Pennsylvania and also happened to have Thompsons. She actually has two distinct Thompson families. One family beginning with Robert Thompson born 1786 in Lancaster Co PA and the other beginning with James Thompson born 1668 Wicklow Ireland (but moved to New Jersey).

Previously I had gathered a list of surnames surrounding the Lancaster PA Thompsons to see if they appeared fairly often among my genetic matches. Many of them did. When I find a pattern in my matches in simple surname searches at 23 and me, I like to search through the trees I have shared to see if there is anything there.

What I’ve found is that the New Jersey Thompsons marry into the Hollingsworth family right there in the early 1700s with James and his wife Ann Hollingsworth. I also found that a second Genetic match had Hollingsworths in her tree right there at the same point. The second match was related to Randal Malin who marries Mary Hollingsworth (sister of Ann).

What really blew me out of the water was that a third genetic match was related to the Hollingsworths at Mary Hollingsworth born 1816 in Illinois.

The other odd irony is that the Hollingsworths seem to be active right in the same area of Pennsylvania and Delaware that the New Sweden colony was. Some were even married in the old Swedes church.

Of course there are no Hollingsworths in my tree that I know of (but that’s what I know). I seem to be related to people who are related to Hollingsworths, but I do not genetically match with two Hollingsworths I’ve seen at Gedmatch.dom.

They may not be my family but clearly they are to be watched.



  1. In an odd twist, I have found that the Swindell family (well the Norris family) has some connection to the Hollingsworths. Norris Swindell's uncle Theodore Norris marries Belinda Hollingsworth. Of course I cannot find the connection between the Swindells and my Thompsons, although they appear in a picture at a family reunion.

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