Another Ohio Thompson of Interest

Along the same lines as the first, this Levi Thompson came up in a general search of Levi Thompsons born in 1834. This Levi Thompson is in Cardington, Morrow, Ohio. Which is a bit farther away than the other Levi Thompson, kind of in the middle of Ohio, but it’s much closer to Pennsylvania. Here is a google map:

Cardington is point A, Van Buren Indiana point B and Celina Ohio is point C. It’s a nice straight shot and you could almost imagine a person going by this route and passing right through the Hopewell area on their way to Van Buren  Indiana.
This Levi Thompson record also comes with a Mary Thompson as an older sister and a younger brother named James so there are my two family names. Very common, but still there they are. Here is the census record for 1850.

This Levi Thompson’s father is from Delaware and it would appear that his mother is from Massachusetts. Again, this Levi is born in Ohio, not Pennsylvania or Indiana, but beggars can’t be choosers.

With my limited access to actual census records through I can verify that John Thompson from Delaware moves to Galion, Ohio a bit further north in 1860. I also cannot find a record for Levi Thompson in the vicinity in 1860. In fact the Levi Thompson I find in 1860 is this Levi Thomson record from (GASP) Scott Township, Adams Ohio.

Sadly. For all the promise of the first Ohio Levi he may be taken out of the running by this record. I find him, his brother John H and Jesse all listed as Thomsons in Scott Township, Adams, Ohio in 1860 precisely when my Levi Thompson is living with the Broderick/Davis family in Van Buren Indiana. It’s not a total killer, as I said the Silcotts show up in two different towns in the same census..but by this point Levi has been married for a few years and has children.

On the other hand, the omission of Levi Thompson from Galion, Ohio does bump the Cardington Morrow Levi up in the rankings. It doesn’t have the cool tie in of the odd Davis name, but it could make sense geographically and it makes sense in the timeline. This will be one to watch.

The next steps for this record:

  • Attempt to track the other Thompson family members. Mother and daughter Lucy, sister Mary, brother James and sister Melissa. Especially Lucy and Melissa as they are the most likely to be present in 1860.

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  1. Levi Thompson form Cardington's father John Thompson is mentioned in the history of the county as starting a tannery which makes sense since his job is listed as tanner. The online history says he started a tannery "about this time" which in context could be anywhere from 1815 to nearly 1830. The only real date listed for him is in the late 1840s (1849 I believe) he plats out some land.

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