23 and Me

Okay so I promised myself that I would do my next test with FTDNA because I’m not real excited about being stuck at plain R1b. The thing is, I’m a cheap knob. 23andMe had a great deal recently. The same basic family finder test I could get at FTDNA, but at a quarter the cost.

That paired with a friend using the service was enough to push me into it. So 23andMe promises to place me in a Haplogroup and subclade for both Y DNA and MTDNA. They promise to check all my chromosomes for specific disease risks and give me access to some ancestry painting thing that will give me an idea what parts of the world my genome is most likely from. All for about $100.

It sounds like it will be right up my alley. My bet is that I’m  R1b1a2a1a1a or R1b-U106 aka R1b-S21 given the people I match on various sites. Even if I’m wrong it will be nice to know because I can choose to take some matches more seriously than others based on their testing.

Unfortunately I have to wait 6 more weeks to see if my guesswork is correct.

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