Silcott Puzzle

Along with the disappearance of Levi Thompson in 1880 is the disappearance of Emily Thompson Silcott’s husband. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe I have Emily/Emma Silcott with daughter Nina and husband John A. Silcott in Muncie Indiana in 1880 (when Nina is 1 year old). I also have Emily Silcott living in Alexandria  with mom Rosa in 1880 census records. So what happened to these people?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to piece things together with the Silcotts thinking it could help me find Levi. It’s possible that father and son in law went on some wild business venture looking for a better life.

In searching through though I think I’ve found the path that John Silcott was on. It looks to me like he left the young family in 1880 and headed west eventually residing in Utah in 1900 and then Colorado in 1920 and 1930. He is listed as divorced. In the end I see him listed with a woman and child in the Census, both the woman and child have different surnames form Silcott. The child is listed as his child.

Unfortunately I lose Emily after that. I’m not sure if she gets remarried or takes on the Thompson name again.


  1. Wow….Nina was my great grandmother. I am also, searching for John Silcot too. And Levi Thompson as well. I am new to this and
    I am talking with my Aunt and Father who. Nina was his grandmother and used to tell me stories of her parents. My dad is 92 and Aunt Dorthy is 88. I'm hoping they can tell me some infor. I know that someone in Nina 's family was Miami Indian…..but who? They lived in Leadville, Co

  2. Hi Meg I've got a couple of posts about Levi from an 1890 Military record and then later a bit about him from wife Rosa's obit. He does really disappear and local news papers / gossip columns seem to hint that he may have been murdered in association with a trial he was a witness in. It does make me wonder if the Silcot movement is related.

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