Thompson Photo 1927

I received a family photo from my new cousin from Indiana. It’s loaded with good stuff. It contains my grandfather and great grandfather as well as Levi Thompson’s oldest son James (b. 1857).  This picture is lower resolution than the scan I was sent and of course has been marred by the names I’ve put on it.

Thompson circa 1926_1927-1024-names


  • Fred Fenimore is either the husband or son of Mary (Thompson) Fenimore in the front. From the look of him I’d say son.
  • Francis Thompson is Albert Thompson’s son. Albert died in 1909 from heart failure.
  • Charles Sturm is the husband of Marjory (Thompson) Sturm in front.
  • Ray Thompson (with the dark look about him) is my great grandfather and son of Albert.
  • Jim Thompson who looks like the eagle from the muppet show, is Levi Thompson’s first son, brother of Albert.
  • Not sure about Dick Karn
  • Nor sure about Everett Cunningham
  • Mollie Swindell is Mary O. (Hughes) Swindell married to Norris Swindell.
  • Mae Swindell is the daughter of Mollie Swindell.
  • Onda is Cuba Thompson’s first wife.
  • Mike Clifford is Mattie (Thompson) Clifford’s husband.
  • Cuba (Fuzz or Fuzzie) Thompson is a son of Albert Thompson.
  • Paul McCann is the second husband of Eva (Thompson) Hetzel.
  • Not sure of Bernice Cunningham.
  • Not sure of Nellie Little.
  • Mary Hardcastle is the wife of Francis Pearl Thompson above.
  • Mattie (Thompson) Clifford is Levi Thompson’s daughter (b. 1872).
  • Mary (Thompson) Fenimore is Levi’s oldest daughter (b. 1856).
  • Ida Williamson is the wife of Albert Thompson (b. 1874).
  • Ethyl Clifford is Mike Clifford and Mattie Thompson’s daughter.
  • unsure of Laura McPherson.
  • Marjory/Marjorie (Thompson) Sturm is Albert’s daughter married to Charles Sturm.
  • Eva (Thompson) McCann is the wife of Paul McCann. Her first marriage was to Bernard Hetzel.
  • the little unknown child is listed as Bob Fuller Wife.
  • Rosemary Thompson is the aunt of my new found cousin in Indiana.
  • Charles Paul Thompson is my grandfather son of Ray Thompson.

These are the names as best as can be remembered by my cousin’s dad. In the notes it says that we are related to the Swindells in some way. I haven’t found it yet but I’ve only got the Swindell tree back so far. I had hoped to tie them into the Thompsons within a couple of generations but no such luck. It does appear that they may have been important to the family as I see Swindell names on many of the marriage certificates for Albert’s children.


  1. Everett Cunningham is a a relative by marriage. Everett is Married to the daughter of Mary Thompson Nellie Fenimore. Nellie Fenimore may be the Nellie Little from the photo. Little may be a remarried name. Bernice Cunningham is their daughter.

  2. Frederick Fenimore is Mary Thompson Fenimore's son. Her husband is named William Fenimore. They have many other children; Sallie, Lora (possibly Laura), Virden (spelling?), Nellie and Edward. Nellie may be Eleanor or Helen..I'm not sure, I only see her listed as Nellie.

  3. Mary O Hughes is also listed as Mary Ann Hughes, her father's parents are both form Ireland her mother (Mary F) seems confused about where her father is from listing South Carolina, Tennesee and Virginia at different times. She's pretty clear that her mother is from South Carolina.

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