Message in a Bottle

I was contacted in January by someone who found one of my postings out on the Thompson genealogy site. Ironically, he contacted me about the time I got my package from the MCHS containing all that information and when I had my account active. So things all came together at once.

All my droppings around the internet have paid off with a contact from the home team. This person is still in the Alexandria area and grew up there. He’s the same age as my Dad and at the same level in the family tree.

My tree branch runs like this:

Levi -> Albert -> Ray ->Charles -> my Dad -> Me.

His branch runs like this

Levi -> Albert ->Francis -> Richard -> Him.

So his father and my grandfather are first cousins. I’ve learned so much about the family in a few short weeks that my head feels like it’s going to pop. I’ve also been able to share some of the things I learned. Unfortunately he and I are stuck at the same place. Levi Thompson 1834 Indiana or Pennsylvania.

It’s been awesome to get pictures from the Thompson family (some of which I need to post here) and insight into their lives from his and his father’s perspective.

In this way one of my big goals has been met. I have a past and a family and I’m on the right track. My Thompson world is no longer the small world of the Thompsons I know and grew up with, now there are many more Thompsons to meet.

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