Corrected Family Tree

So now my tree look something like this:

Levi Thompson 1835/6 – bef 1880 b: Pennsylvania or Indiana
Married abt 1855 to Rosa or Rosanna (unknown) 1837 – bef 1910 b: Indiana

  • Mary Thompson 1856
  • James Thompson 1857
  • Emily J Thompson Silcott 1859
    • Nina Silcott.
  • Rena Frances Thompson 1868
  • Albert Thompson 1870 – 1909 b: Indiana Married Ida Williamson.
    • Eva Thompson Hetzel McCann 1893 – 1968
    • Vivian Leo Thompson 1896
    • Ray Bishop Thompson 1898 – 1970 married? Orvetta Finks
      • Charles Thompson 1925
    • Cuba Thompson 1902 – 1978
    • Francis Thompson – 1904 – 1973
    • Marjorie M Thompson Sturm 1907 – 1997
    • Harry Thompson 1910
  • Mattie Thompson 1872

Levi Thompson was in the Civil war between Emily and Rena. He mustered in to the Indiana 34th Infantry company D in 1861 and mustered out in 1865 as a Corporal. He disappears before the 1880 Census. There is a Levi Thompson death record for 1894 from Hancock County but I’m not sure that’s him since he is absent from the 1880 census. Census records alternately say he’s from Indiana or Pennsylvania.


  1. According to Levi's pension records he would be born in 1834. There is a John L Thompson born in 1834 in Washington Indiana I believe. John L Thompson also marries Rosanna Steele around 1853 in Dekalb Indiana. It's the closest thing I can find to Levi and Rosanna in Indiana at those times.

    On the Death record, Hancock county isn't that far from Alexandria or Madison County. It has been pointed out to me that he may not be in the census in 1880 (along with Emily Silcotts husband) because the left Alexandria looking for work or on a business venture. I'll have to look for him again.

  2. I have recently found that Levi Thompson was married to Rosa or Rose Anna Blades daughter of James Blades from VanBuren Indiana and had this verified by documents from the county health department for the death of Albert Thompson (their son). So Levi Thompson is not John L Thompson. The reason his marriage record is missing is because of a courthouse fire in Alexandria Indiana.

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