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As a person with one of the most common names in the world, it’s difficult to track anything down. Since I ordered my DNA test to help eliminate variables and dispell some of that mystery, I’ve been sorely disappointed by the results. lists us as R1b, which as I’ve said before narrows the focus to …well all things west of Mongolia. Genetree (sorenson genetics) makes a best guess of Y-DNA Haplogroup:R-M207 Subgroup: R1b1b2a*-S128, which instead of making us related to Basques or Spaniards, French or Belgian, Irish, Dutch, Scotch or English makes them related to us. Our DNA is generically Western Neolithic European circa 6500 years ago.

I have to imagine this means either that I wasn’t completely tested since others have much more defined results or that things are changing so rapidly they just haven’t found a category for me yet.

Couple this vagueness with the fact that our DNA seems to match within a thousand years with small pockets of people all over Brittain, Flanders, Scotland and Ireland, but not any single other person closely…and you can see the frustration.

A few days ago however something changed. Genetree shows a 41 on 41 match. An exact match for me. They sent me a notification about it, which was exiciting. Considering that there a no Thompsons who match me any better than a random sampling of other family names in Atlantic Europe, this is big news.

So I eagerly logged in to Genetree to see who my new match was and what their name was or place of origin and what do I find?


No information. Not even a link to contact them safely through Genetree. Nothing. A totally anonymous donation to Sorenson Genetics with no contact information, location or surname to reference.


Okay, it’s cool that someone out there in the world..possibly even in my own family, matches me that closely, but they could be a liiiiittle more helpful.

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