Crest, Badge and Tartan Apology

thompson tartan
Thompson is claimed by several Scottish clans and is also I’m sure a very proud Irish and English family with symbolism to match their pride. Since I don’t know much about where we’re “exactly” from, I’ve made a choice about my title on the blog. I picked the Border Reiver Clan Thompson tartan which could represent Thompsons on both sides of the Scotland/England border and the MacTavish badge which…at this point my DNA and rough OGAP group seem to point at.

I should note that Thompsons are also claimed by Fraser (French/Norman origin) and MacThomas (a branch of MacKintosh) and both of those are viable options. I have not at this point joined any clan officially.

I guess I’ll wait to see which one offers the most benefits (that makes me a border reiver now doesn’t it).

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  1. Well I changed my badge. It's December 2010 and I'm not so sure about the MacTavish badge. I put up one of my own that represents the hidden nature of my family line. I have to say though, that I do like the boar's head. My great grandmother is a Campbell and it just seemed to fit. I'm not giving up the tartan yet though. As far as I know any Thompson can use that.

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